The Future Of Real Estate Will Be Data Driven

It is well documented that the world is undergoing a data revolution. Everything now collects data and so we are all facing a tidal wave of information. And all of this data at the exact time when both the drivers of building performance are dramatically changing and decisions need to be made quicker and more often.

The growth of data is exciting for the real estate sector, it will provide us with new ways of doing things more effectively and more efficiently, but to make real benefit from all of the information that will become available in the coming years, we will need to call on technology to help us. Big data, Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence are all going to need to be effectively applied for real estate to avoid drowning under the volume of data that we will be faced with.

The challenge is that the property sector is complex and fragmented, so the successful companies of the future will be those that combine expertise in the property sector with the expertise of the most advanced technologies. That is why I am delighted to be supporting RE5Q as an advisor.

RE5Q has a range of brilliant people, but is led by Martin Samworth, previously EMEA and APAC CBRE Chairman and CTO Seth Rogers who has an amazing array of technology knowledge having worked or advised many of the worlds leading brands, including Apple, Waymo, Facebook and Google.

RE5Q’s expertise enables companies to gain unique insight about their buildings and portfolios using both traditional and new data sets. This combination of property market expertise, cutting edge technology, the data sets they use and the insights they can provide is exciting and I am looking forward to advising them as they support the sector on this data driven journey.

Dan Hughes, Advisor at RE5Q