Delivering The Real Estate Commitment To ESG

Buildings use more than 40% of the world’s energy and generate more than 36% of global CO2 emissions. Most properties in the UK are not even close to where they need to be to meet climate change targets. Fresh in our minds from COP26, how do corporate real estate owners and occupiers start to reduce that damning […]

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Next Generation Automated Valuation Modelling – Unlocking Value for Professional Real Estate Investors, Asset Managers, Valuers and Lenders

Accurate, timely asset valuation and line of sight on trends are fundamental to key judgement calls throughout the real estate lifecycle.  Better current and predictive valuation can create performance edges at every stage from pre-entry diligence through development, reporting and ultimately to exit.  Traditional real estate appraisals can be slow, costly and overly reliant on historic, […]

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CBRE’s Martin Samworth appointed CEO of AI and Data enabler RE5Q

The AI-powered data platform provides unparalleled access to real estate information, tackling market-wide inefficiencies and enabling more informed decisions  RE5Q already covers over 95% of all physical assets in the UK and is currently scaling and ramping up in other European countries, North America and GCC region   Samworth will take charge of scaling the business […]

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Martin Samworth joins Real Estate technology platform RE5Q’s Advisory Board

The real estate leader will support the Big Data and technology platform as it scales its proposition across the property industry and more widely across a range of business sectors He joins at a stage when there is increasing recognition that businesses need to embrace digital enablement or potentially be left behind RE5Q is already […]

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Non-Traditional Data, an Opportunity to Potentiate Real Estate Predictive Analytics?

Traditionally Predictive analysis has been a challenge in the real estate sector: patchy content, variable data quality and opaque markets conspiring to prevent an evidence- based systematic approach. Advances in Indexing, storage and AI allow the creation and exploitation of massive new non-traditional datasets. Breakthroughs in technology are unlocking access to current and historical data, […]

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Carbon Neutral Computing - Moving from Theory to Practice - RE5Q

Carbon Neutral Computing – Moving from Theory to Practice

When one talks about energy intensive industries, computing might not be on the radar of the green energy warriors. However, computing is surprisingly a major source of carbon emissions. While the development of AI and cloud computing has saved labour and hardware cost for companies and institutions, these technologies have resulted in increased energy consumption. […]

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Smart-Cities - RE5Q

Smart Cities – disruptive technology at scale

Smart cities are not the futuristic habitats made popular in 60’s sci-fi movies, they are moving out of realm of science-fiction into reality. Smart Cities are playing a pivotal role in how we mitigate urbanisation, environmental issues and even how communities engage with each other. It is a well-known fact that Industrialisation precipitated the migration […]

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