Unlocking the Big Data opportunity

Democratising global real estate data to drive industry transformation

We are a Big Data platform using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enable intelligent decisions.

From origins in Real Estate, RE5Q’s analytics are revolutionising valuation, planning, development, investment and regulation – and facilitating the transformation of multiple other sectors.

Mobilising data through AI to empower businesses

We tackle the challenges in big data by sourcing and extracting the most relevant data sets in their entirety from across the world, accumulating trillions of data points. We automate the entire process and then ensure a single, complete source of information that matches the user’s criteria.

The result is more informed, data-led real estate decisions, facilitating an increase in productivity and profitability. The benefits of RE5Q’s technology can also be applied to a range of other sectors.

The result is informed data-led real estate decisions, facilitating an increase in productivity, revenue growth and profitability, all served to end users via a mobile app, enterprise solution or direct API.

Democratising global real estate data to drive industry transformation

We operate through joint ventures and consortiums, sharing both risks and returns with our industry partners


Joint ventures allow participants to implement solutions free from restrictive internal limitations


We combine industry knowledge from leading partners with our technological capabilities to deliver high-growth and sustainable solutions

Diverse Industry

Our platform provides access for all user types for a myriad of applications. Brokers, Asset Managers, Developers, Insurance, Health Care, Media, Governments, Energy, Occupiers, Finance, Retail / Investment Banks

Target Regions

Extensive coverage across the UK, Europe and the US, expanding into the GCC and mainland Russia.

An inventive, enterprising
and adventurous collaborative
spirit at the core

Christophe Reech
/ Christophe Reech Chairman
Entrepreneur and investor with a track record of success in creating and growing innovative businesses in the fields of real estate, financial derivatives and financial technology.
Martin Samworth
/ Martin Samworth CEO
Senior Advisor at Ferguson Partners with an extensive career across global real estate sectors, specializing in investment, development, and real estate finance. Martin joined Ferguson Partners from CBRE where he served in EMEA CEO and President roles.
Seth Rogers
/ Seth Rogers CTO
Wide experience working at Board level with Google, Apple, Facebook, various Investment Banks. Driving large complex initiatives covering web ­based platforms, big data, machine-learning & cyber-security.
Bryan Dove
/ Bryan Dove Senior Advisor
Seasoned executive in both global technology companies and hyper growth startups. Bryan was most recently CEO at Skyscanner and previously CTO.
Fabian Vandenreydt
/ Fabian Vandenreydt Senior Advisor
Fabian Vandenreydt has over 25 years of experience in capital
markets post trade, payments, market infrastructures, corporate innovation,
market management & strategic partnership development

RE5Q are proud to work alongside Oxford and Cambridge University through exciting joint ventures to continually drive innovation within our technology.

RE5Q forms part of Reech Corporations Group, a global investment powerhouse.

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