Transforming real estate data into information

Democratising global real estate data to drive industry transformation

The real estate asset class suffers from infrequent transactions, a diverse range of properties and delays in information being made public, if at all.

Pulling quality data to yield necessary insights is difficult. RE5Q has the solution to change that.

RE5Q’s new approach to real estate data will revolutionise valuation, planning, development, investment and regulation across the industry.

Powerful real estate data, crucial to investment, rental and buying decisions is collated by advanced AI and machine learning technology to deliver premiums, valuations and market modelling.

Engineering innovative business solutions that utilise the power of this data, RE5Q is driving rapid transformation in the real estate sector across the globe.

“Data is quickly becoming one of the most valuable assets in the real estate sector. Innovation has to not only catch up, but drive the industry forward. We’re leading this by harnessing the power of data to deliver intelligent information, to inform better business decisions.”

Richard HodgsonCOO

Harnessing the power of data to deliver intelligent information

Thousands of data sources pulled from around the world are cleaned and analysed to facilitate transparency of data. Data accumulates to petabyte levels and aggregated and curated in over 240 languages to ensure complete capture of global information.

Combined in a coherent and consistent bank, the data is classified to supply automated insights via RE5Qs advanced AI based system. Furthermore, data can be combined securely with client owned sources to provide a single source of insight delivery.

The result is informed data-led real estate decisions, facilitating an increase in productivity, revenue growth and profitability, all served to end users via a mobile app, enterprise solution or direct API.

/ Case study

RE5Q geospatial capabilities and expertise were employed by the UK Government in their Covid-19 response playing a significant role in resource utilisation.

The result is informed data-led real estate decisions, facilitating an increase in productivity, revenue growth and profitability, all served to end users via a mobile app, enterprise solution or direct API.

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spirit at the core

Michael Strong
/ Michael Strong Chairman
A leading real estate figure. Michael spent 15 years as Executive Chairman of CBRE EMEA, including seven years as Chief Executive. He sits on the board of several key institutions including the NHS Property Services and LocatED.
Christophe Reech
/ Christophe Reech Vice-Chairman
Entrepreneur and investor with a track record of success in creating and growing innovative businesses in the fields of real estate, financial derivatives and financial technology.
Richard Hodgson
/ Richard Hodgson COO
Over 20 years Investment Banking & Hedge Fund experience in IT/Quant both structuring and trading at UBS, Bankers Trust, Fusion Asset Mgmt. Entrepreneurial software background in the Travel business.
Seth Rogers
/ Seth Rogers CTO
Wide experience working at Board level with Google, Apple, Facebook, various Investment Banks. Driving large complex initiatives covering web ­based platforms, big data, machine-learning & cyber-security.
Michael Spies
/ Michael Spies Director
Founder of Fuse Strategies, LLC, an investment and advisory platform engaged in the confluence of real estate and technology.
Duncan Owen
/ Duncan Owen Director
Over 30 years of experience in the real estate sector with extensive experience in developing growth and investment approaches across the industry.
Bryan Dove
/ Bryan Dove Non-Executive Director
Seasoned executive in both global technology companies and hyper growth startups. Bryan was most recently CEO at Skyscanner and previously CTO.
Amanda Cupples
/ Amanda Cupples Non-Executive Director
COO and Vice President, Business Performance at Babylon Health, one of the fastest growing and revolutionary AI companies in the world.

RE5Q are proud to work alongside Oxford and Cambridge University through exciting joint ventures to continually drive innovation within our technology.

RE5Q forms part of Reech Corporations Group, a global investment powerhouse.

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